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Two Philosophies - No Third Option

There are only two philosophies in life from which a person chooses to live and love. Those philosophies are either (1) of man or (2) not of man. There is no third option.

If the philosophy one chooses to live and love by is of man, then his (her) course of life will be directed by his best judgment as life unfolds. When one gets to the end of life, there is a strong desire to believe the life lived was of great value to those surrounding the one who chose this course of action. Not only that, but there is also a desire to believe at the point of death, there is a resting place that corresponds to rest in peace.

Yet, in the world of the unseen, this can’t be known.

There is another philosophy of life from which to choose. That philosophy chosen is not of man. If it is not of man, then what is its source? There are only two options here also. It is of God or not God. There is not third option.

God, however, revealed Himself to man to give clarity to the fact (truth) there is a realm of the unseen, an unseen realm that only God can know anything about.

If one chooses to live by this philosophy, the life lived on earth is radically changed, it is no longer of this world. Things thought, said, and done are from the source of this philosophy. “I am the way, the truth, and the Life. No man goes to the Father but by me” Jesus said.

Those who live by this philosophy can know whether their desired rest in peace is true or not, something that is not possible, that does not exist with those who choose the philosophy originating in man.

More than that. Those who have chosen this philosophy of life belonging to God want others to have what they have.

Now that is love.

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