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New Testament Expositor

Bio’s for the NTE Editors 

Scott Judge lives in Bainbridge Ohio with his wife Ellie. They have two children. Scott is the located Minister at the Elm Grove Church of Christ. He is involved with 2 different Christian Youth Camps in West Virginia. He has worked in the field of mental health in both partial hospital and hospital settings. He is also a 2016 graduate of the West Virginia School of Preaching. Scott did circuit preaching from 1996 until 2018. In 2018, he became the fulltime minister at Elm Grove. 

Ron Thomas is married to Anne (Lyon) Thomas. They were married in August 1983. They have 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren. Ron is a graduate of the East Tennessee School of Preaching (1995), after serving almost 11 years in the USAF. He has served churches in Idaho, Illinois, Ohio. He has conducted Gospel Meetings in Michigan, West Virginia, Idaho, Missouri, and Ohio. He is currently the preacher at the Rio Grande Church of Christ, he and his wife moving there in December 2022. 


MISSION STATEMENT for the New Testament Expositor

The focus of the digital periodical is fourfold. First, it seeks to promote the teachings of the Lord in the New Testament. Second, it has a desire to promote the local works of the churches in SE Ohio, SW Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and the NE portion of Kentucky. The editors of the periodical (Scott Judge and Ron Thomas) believe there is little activity going on with sister church, so this is our effort to see if we can alter that. Third, we firmly stand on what is known as the Restoration principle, which is “speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent.” Fourth, we also believe in keeping the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, which means we want to do what we can to hold our fellowship together and not splinter off like some overly conservative (radical) Christians have been engaged in.

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