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Snakes, Evil, and Understanding

The words of Jesus resonate in such a powerful way that many who heard them are stung with the receiving of them. For instance, notice the words of Matthew 12:34, "Ye offspring of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh" (ASV).

The context of Jesus' words are in relation to Him being falsely accused because those who observed His manner of life and actions understood not what He was doing, neither why He was doing it. Thus, they retort to accusations. These accusations, however, had no element of truth in them. The people surrounding Jesus would then become confused, and with this confusion frustration would set in, with the crowd finally dispersing.

Satan works wonders.

Jesus addressed this manner of false accusations by ascribing to them the evilness (if you will) of their motivations, their hearts illustrate a powerful lesson that should not be lost on any of us. When the Lord Jesus is not your Lord, that is, you choose not to live His life, but your own, you are, necessarily (from the vantage point of the Almighty) evil.

How can this be? Well, consider. There are two paths in life present for us to walk on. First, there is the path of the Lord. Second, there is not the path of the Lord. When one makes a choice, and it is not the Lord then the path one chooses to walk on is away from the Lord toward the destination of evil. Since the Lord is the way of righteousness, then those who choose a different path walk away from righteousness. How can anything good come from their mouths?

“That seems a rather judgmental remark, don’t you think?” Is it really? Notice what the Lord said and ask the same question. Does His not know the hearts of each of us like He did those who walked in His presence then? If so, then He knows what is evil and we would be better served to walk in the same steps He walked and evaluate as He did. Those who love the Lord don’t try to be judgmental, but those who accused the Lord as they did, the same will accuse us. As they lied without understanding, many will do the same today.

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