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Problems in the Family

When there are problems within the family, it is important those problems be addressed. If they are not addressed those problems become worse and the brief separations that result at the initial level of the problem becomes more pronounced.

As it is in one’s family, it is the same way in the Lord’s church; in fact, it may be worse. With one family, there are few members, three, four, six, etc. In a church family, that number is multiplied. Even if you were in a small church of thirty members, it is at least five times larger than one’s personal family. When problems arise in a church family, it is imperative the elders get on top of it and address it. If it does not apply to the elders, then to whom it applies, the same counsel is demanded.

What to do if one in the family refuses to amend his or her ways? In broad application, the Scripture gives attention to this. In 1 Corinthians 5 and 2 Thessalonians 3, those who identify as Christian and refuse to correct sinful ways, then Christians are to refuse to associate with the rebellious. What if it is one’s personal family?

Scripture makes no distinction.

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