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Many are destroyed in the process

In our country, the United States of America, there has existed a battle of ideas for a solid generation, perhaps two. This battle between ideologies is not one that simply is a matter of political disputes and opinion, but the battle of a moral foundation that has its existence in God or not. One man said, I truly believe the Democrats hate Jesus Christ, and more and more people are beginning to think he is right.

Why is that? Consider this single piece of evidence: “White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre has doubled down after President Joe Biden declared Easter Sunday ‘Transgender Day of Visibility.’”

Who, with any semblance of Christianity within themselves would say and promote such a thing like this, promoting it to the point of separating and drawing a line in the sand, demanding people to make a decision! In the long ago, Joshua called upon the people of his day to make to do the same, on in this case it was for the people of Israel to decide for the Lord or choose another way (cf. Joshua 24:14-15)?

Some might reply that Easter is not even a biblical holiday, and while this is so, that misses the point!

Is it any wonder that we read in a recent poll the declining popularity of Christianity? Many people may have some sort of an association with Christianity, but as it was once an attachment stronger than blood, now it is tethered by a string.

Why is this occurring? It is rather simple in my mind. Look at all the television programs you see offered to us as a form of entertainment; how many of them have a positive religious theme? Of those television programs, how many of them softly promote a moral agenda belonging to the mind of Satan? More than you can count! Some are not so soft.

When the promoters of such programs are called out, they deny their contribution and say there is no evidence they contributed to the moral decline of the country. These are the same people who deny they have a moral problem in their own lives, as they are married for the 3rd time (perhaps 4th) and drink their alcohol and rally for the “alphabet” people (LGBTQ+).

In my estimation the moral decline began to take hold when the “baby boomers” became adults in the 1960s. The “innocent” looking television show known as “Love, American Style” certainly promoted ideas contrary to the teachings of the Lord. I remember, as a little boy, I cared less about the funny story-lines and more about what she wore!  

It got worse from there.

Now, here we are. We are in a battle that only the Lord can win. There is no chance the promoters of an evil agenda like that promoted heavily by one political party can or will win. Sadly, the same people who contribute to this evil problem are voted into office by some who identify as Christian. Even sadder, many are destroyed in the process.

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