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God's Sorrow

Can God's sorrow be understood? In Genesis 6:7, the Lord looked out over His creation, and the Scripture says of God "...I am sorry that I made them." A very powerful and melancholy statement if there ever was one.

Did God fail when He created man? Hardly! He looked out over all that He had made and declared all was very good. What happened? You'll remember that while the Lord looked out at all that He saw, He created humans with the liberty to choose this path or that path, each one having consequences.

We know what happened. Without the Lord, it's not possible for man to know the direction he walks. While he believes he does, that which is right in his own eyes results in a corrupted path and a deadly destination.

God pulled His spirit (if you will) from man (6:3). With His Spirit constrained, God's patience is gone, as is His mercy and protective care. For man, this is what he has (then): his conscience is seared, his condemnation is sealed.

When the Lord brought life to you, how does He look on the life He gave you? Does the Lord have sorrow when He considers you?

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