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Family Foundations

We live in a society that looks on families as important, but not as important as individual ideals with their own priorities. If you want a family, then great, but don't for one second think your approach to the family and its ideals is anything obligatory on me and my family. I/We set our own course.

With this, the family is marginalized into less than what it should or can be. In Isaiah, the Lord made it clear to the community of Israel the foundation of the family and society is found in Him. "It is the Lord of host whom you should regard as holy. And He shall be your fear, and He shall be your dread" (8:13, NASB).

We don't live in a society that thinks this way. This passage is not addressing the context of a family's foundation, but at the same time it is. How so? If one does not regard the Lord as holy in any context, how shall one regard the Lord as holy in the context of the family?

To regard the Lord as holy is to hear and obey His will. this starts with the husband / father, then the direction of the family follows his lead. If he does not lead in this, where does the family go?

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