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Bridge Street Church of Christ

It is Wednesday morning in New Martinsville, WV. Tonight I preach my last sermon in the Gospel Meeting the brethren at Bridge Street invited me to conduct. This sister congregation has two meetings each year, one in the Fall, the other in the Spring. This Fall, Phil Sanders will return for a meeting, then in the Spring of 2024, Scott Judge will be here for a meeting.

The meeting, to this point, has been very encouraging to me and the brethren who have said anything to me. The preacher here, Paolo Di Luca, has been here 16 years and stands solid in the truth of the Gospel. He is so solid that he is an instructor at the West Virginia School of Preaching. They have no elders, but they are a unified church and committed to New Testament Christianity.

There are many great things to be said about a Gospel Meeting, the greatest of which is the preaching of the Gospel. Some other blessings are (1) the impact your words may have for some who are experiencing something of which you know nothing about; (2) the brotherly fellowship that is generated and perpetuated because of one's visit to a sister church; (3) the great meals that are prepared wherein one leaves heavier than when he/she arrived.

If you are ever in New Martinsville, you can be sure your stopping by and visiting will not be a wasted period of time. God bless the brethren at Bridge Street Church of Christ.

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