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A Willingness to Start

How many talents do you have? How ever many you have would the Lord be pleased with the result of your investment? No doubt your reply would be “I hope so!” – and I think we all would answer the same. The talents you have, how are you using them? Since the Lord afforded you opportunity, take nothing for granted, but put them to work and see the end result.

Are you a Bible class teacher? “Well, I don’t know; I have never done it and no one asked me to consider it, so I'm not sure if I would be any good at it.” If that is so, then let one of the elders know you desire to be a Bible class teacher.

Perhaps you can help those who clean the building by picking up what you see does not belong where it sits. “That’s not a talent!” It may not be, but it reflects on how you want to help.

Are there any in the congregation that seems to be lonely? Take the initiative and go sit by him or her. You never know what kind of impact that will make. There are untold number of things we can all do, but it begins with a willingness to start.

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