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Turn Away, Hate

The wisdom of the Lord says: “…Those who hate me love death” (Prov. 8:36, NKJV).

What does that mean? It means those who think more of their wisdom than they do the Lord’s follow their own ways. They have deceitful hearts, thinking they know the way they are going, but they have no earthly idea. On the other hand, some do know the way they are going, and they choose to not go the Lord’s way. They think they know their destination, but they're not sure. When life comes to its end, they are hopeful the Lord will look over the total span of the life lived and He will be pleased with all the good they have done, how they are not as bad as a host of others, and that He will welcome them into His arms, His glorious kingdom of rest.

Not possible! Why is that? Because, as the Lord said, those who turn away hate him. Of course, those who turn away will deny with force they hate the Lord, but their actions speak louder than their words. “I don’t hate the Lord!” they declare. “I just don’t want to follow Him. Am I not free to choose what I want to do?” Sure! Just as the Lord is free to determine who enters His glorious kingdom and those who don’t. What is free for one, is free for the other.

The point is this: you who consider yourselves to be wise, hear the Lord. If you reject or dismiss to any degree that which the Lord said, He who is wiser than you determines your destination. You'll arrive on time!

The first step in the direction of hate is to turn away from Him who loves you. RT

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Brandy R
Brandy R
Feb 13

I’m still waiting to buy your book.

Replying to

I'm grateful you think it would be reading. No book from me, though. I'm rather boring.

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