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God's Grace

It has been said that God's riches were given to man at Christ's expense. While this acrostic idea may easily preach, it is more accurate to say that God's riches were given to man as the Lord willingly gave up the glories of heaven for the benefit of those He loves (all of us).

God's grace, it is our message to a world lost in sin but refuse to think they are guilty of anything a seriously consequential as eternal death. Regardless of how the world might think on this or that, we know well the Lord’s thinking. With this knowledge, what do we do in a sinfully vile world around us?

To begin, we live the life of Christ (Gal. 2:20). Next, we speak of His saving grace, how He has given to each of us a hope that none in the world can take away (Rom. 8:24). Third, we support those who are serving in capacities that we are not, be it as elders, preachers, missionaries, schools of preaching, websites that promote the Lord’s way, etc. Fourth, do you enjoy being with the brethren? If so, then make association with them your priority and not those outside the Lord. These are some things we can do, and if we do them with commitment, enthusiasm, and loyalty to the Lord, a difference we will make. RT

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